Ensuring Equal Opportunities in Education

How does Muscular Dystrophy affect my education experience?

Having Muscular Dystrophy may affect a student’s education experience. For example, the student may fatigue easily, may require their classrooms and any excursions to be wheel-chair accessible, may need assistance carrying bags or books and may have trouble writing quickly. The experience is likely to be different for every child.

Under the Disability Standards for Education, students with disability must be able to seek admission to and apply for enrolment on the same basis as a prospective student without a disability. Schools must also ensure that students with disability are able to participate in courses and programs and use the same facilities and services as other students. Additionally, the school is obliged to provide specialised support services if that is required for the student with disability to participate in the activities for which they are enrolled.

What is in place to help?

The school that a child attends is responsible for their care during schooling hours. It is important that there is open communication between yourself and the school as to how to best meet the care requirements of the student.

The school may ask for a consultation as part of a collaborative documented planning process to determine student and teacher needs, and agreed school processes.

You may want to talk to the school about topics such as:

  • Creating a Document Plan/Individual Education Plan/Individual Transition Plan – a plan put in place to support the learning and engagement of the student. This will often contain goals, and strategies for dealing with particular situations.
  • Arranging an education assistant
  • Allowing the student to use a computer or tablet for assessments and other class activities as an alternative to handwriting
  • Arranging extra time for assessments or exams (including the WACE exams)
  • Safely facilitating active engagement in physical education

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